Hello! I’m Veronica

Thank you for checking in! Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a mother of three adult children and grandmother of two. Yes, I’m a grandma and I’m LOVING it!

We live in a country home in the Midwest United States where I get to experience all four of nature’s seasons with a few hunting seasons sprinkled in there throughout the year. Our meals, chores, and lifestyle changes with all of the seasons.

Growing up as the oldest child, I learned some of my homemaking from my mom. I also learned cooking skills from my grandmother and from a couple of my aunts. Homemaking Life Simple is a guide to what I’ve learned over the 30+ years as a homemaker. Here you will gain the knowledge needed to make delicious recipes, create natural cleaners using basic ingredients, and how to apply all this for a healthy home environment.

Some of my ways will inspire you and guide you. Some of my ways may not apply to you at all. Take what you need and apply it to fit your lifestyle.

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